Special Issue on Vocation: Christian Scholar’s Review

The Summer 2023 issue of Christian Scholar’s Review is devoted to the subject of vocation in undergraduate education. Guest edited by David S. Cunningham, executive director of NetVUE, this special issue features articles by a range of writers who have been active in the network, both on their own campuses and more broadly through their writing and speaking: Bryan Dik, Niki Johnson, Tom Perrin, Amy Santas, Paul Wadell, and Danny Wasserman. It also contains reviews of recent vocation-related books, including several whose authors have been featured at NetVUE events: Kiara Jorgenson, Jason Mahn, Patrick Reyes, and Charlie Pinches and Paul Wadell.

The articles and reviews are written for a wide audience. As Cunningham writes in the preface, his hope is that “readers of this issue will come away with a broad, interdisciplinary sense of the nature of vocational exploration and discernment, and of the increasingly important role being played— especially in independent institutions of higher education—by programs that support this work among undergraduate students, faculty members, and staff.”

Established in 1970, Christian Scholar’s Review is a journal that covers a broad range of issues under the general topic of “faith and learning.” Despite the journal’s title, its focus is not exclusively Christian, and this special issue on vocation will offer something for everyone interested in how vocational reflection and discernment can play an important role in undergraduate education today.

The special issue on vocation can be accessed online and is also available in print.

Stephanie L. Johnson is the editor of Vocation Matters.

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