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When I was asked to collaborate with Hannah Schell to develop a podcast for NetVUE, I had two reactions: excitement and paralyzing fear. As a regular consumer of podcasts, I immediately thought about the delight of speaking with so many inspiring and insightful people about vocation. I also had fear of the unknown, of learning yet another new technology, and of being in the public view more than any academic ever imagines. But, as with all vocational invitations, I took the step forward.  

NetVUE’s podcast, “Callings: Conversations on college, career, and the life-well lived,” launched last week. “Callings” explores what it means to live a life defined by a sense of meaning and purpose. It focuses on the process of exploring and discerning one’s vocation, with particular emphasis on mentoring and supporting undergraduate students as they navigate college, career, and a life-well lived. The podcast features music by composer and pianist Dan Kennedy

We talk with guests from within the NetVUE community and from the wider world who can share their insights into navigating vocational paths. The podcast can be used as a teaching resource as well as a way to further one’s own reflection and exploration about vocation. 

It has been a thrill to speak with “giants” in the field and to be in an extended conversation about the motivations for our work in higher education. In days filled with short video meetings, these hour-long dialogues have been truly nurturing and expanding. Further, it affirms the ways that our listening and learning from each other through technology can continue to be creative and innovative. And, Hannah and I have fancy microphones and headsets which we now have claimed as part of our image.

The first guest was Shirley Roels, the founding director of NetVUE, who currently serves as the executive director of the International Network for Christian Higher Education. Shirley shares some of the twists and turns in her own life and describes the three “intertwined threads” that have informed her career: higher education, faith-based institutions, and organizational management.  At each moment of vocational reflection, Shirley has asked the question, “What needs doing that I can do?” 

The interview with Shirley can be found at this link:

And coming soon: an interview with Mark Schwehn and Dorothy Bass, editors of the Leading Lives that Matter anthology. Mark and Dorothy talk about how their own callings and the work behind the new, second edition of the book. Later this fall look for an interview with Darby Ray, director of the Haywood Center for Community Partnerships and the Donald W. and Ann M. Harward Professor of Civic Engagement at Bates College. 

We hope you enjoy the podcast and will share it with your colleagues and interested friends. We welcome suggestions for guests and ideas for topics, so please send them our way. We would love to hear how you are using the podcast and what you are finding most helpful. 

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