#PissedOffPastor in Kenosha

Kenosha, Wisconsin, the site of the recent police shooting of Jacob Blake, is now the site of regular protests regarding social injustice and systemic racism. An important voice from the NetVUE community addressing these issues is Rev. Kara Baylor, Campus Pastor and Director of the Center for Faith and Spirituality at Carthage College, in Kenosha. 

Kara was recently interviewed on the “Lady Preacher” podcast. There, she discusses the ways we can better navigate conversations about race and social justice. She says, “If we are going to imagine a new way, bloom where you’re planted. Don’t try to change every piece of this system, change the piece of the system where you are.” Part of this change is to work towards common definitions of racism, discrimination, and prejudice, and learning to believe the stories of black Americans. Baylor points to the transformation that happens when people see the brokenness of systems and “let the scales fall from their eyes.” For her, the healing can come when we see that “Every single way to be human reflects God.”

Click on the box below to go directly to the interview with Kara; you can listen to the Lady Preacher podcast on any of the major streaming applications e.g. Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, etc.

To hear more from Kara, go to www.pissedoffpastor.org

MORE: We are pleased to announce that Kara will be one of the presenters for the next NetVUE Webinar on “Transitions” on Tuesday, September 28, at 3pm-4:30 Eastern. You can register for the Webinar here.  

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