Over the next several years, a group of about forty academic leaders will be involved in a series of projects designed to create new scholarly resources on vocation and vocational exploration. This project is sponsored by NetVUE, which is administered by the Council of Independent Colleges. Our work is made possible by a generous grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc.

While we are also publishing journal articles and several books, we are aware that this project is part of an ongoing conversation about vocation as an important dynamic in undergraduate education. We want to support and nurture that conversation by making some of the work of these scholars available online.  Hence, the participating members of the project’s seminars (and some invited guests) will be posting a few of their thoughts, observations, questions, and musings on this blog. We hope that you will be willing to visit this site often—and that you will read, consider, and comment on whatever you find here. We are eager for you to join this conversation.

A more complete description of the NetVUE Scholarly Resources Project may be found here.  The project’s first three books are being published by Oxford University Press. The first volume,  At This Time and In This Place: Vocation and Higher Education, appeared in 2016. The following year saw the publication of Vocation across the Academy: A New Vocabulary for HIgher Education. In early 2019, Oxford will publish Hearing Vocation Differently: Meaning, Purpose, and Identity in the Multi-Faith Academy.